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Vacation rental, wich one to choose ?

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Vacation rentalvacation rental

When you decide to go on vacation, there are several alternatives for you to find your vacation rental. Between staying with the locals or booking a room in a hotel, today the luxury villa rental is very fashionable.

Vacation rental in a luxury villa

Today, more and more holidaymakers plan to go on holiday by renting a villa. Indeed, it becomes an excellent compromise, can save money and offers many privileges.

Ideal to easily accommodate friends or a family of more than 6 people, the villa rental allows everyone to enjoy his holidays together. Most of the time, you will have the chance to offer a vacation rental with a swimming pool, to find a villa ideally equipped and offering a sublime view while offering concierge services.

An all inclusive for your dream vacation!

Want to discover a paradise island, like Martinique, and afford the luxury of a vacation rental in a villa? Palm Villas can certainly meet your expectations!

The ultimate benefit: Feel “At home”

As a general rule, luxury villas offer all the necessary comfort so that you do not miss anything.

And besides being on vacation, you will have the freedom to enjoy the sandstone of your desires. No time limit for having breakfast or leaving the room. You will be able to savor the freedom of your stay by being the conductor of your day.


vacation rental


You will be comfortable, away from the tourist crowds and can enjoy every moment.

And if you want to make the most of your holiday, why not order a breakfast delivered in the morning to your villa?

A vacation rental but not only …

The luxury villa offers many privileges.

Indeed, generally you can benefit from additional services such as:

  • Help you find a car rental at a preferential rate,
  • Accompany you to organize your activities (catamaran trips, kitesurf rental etc …)
  • You find a caterer to deliver your meals,
  • To advise you on the excursions, the visits of the distilleries or the most beautiful beaches,
  • Overall, meet all your needs.



The vacation rental in a villa proves to be a good compromise and satisfied with many years of vacationers.

So if you still doubt, you just have to try!

And you ? What is your ideal vacation rental?


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