Tour des Yoles : a boat race around the island of Martinique

After 2 years of absence, the most important event in Martinique is back! The Tour des Yoles is a race around the island of Martinique in 7 stages, in a traditional boat called a round Yole.

Yoles race, Schoelcher, 2022

This year is the 36th edition of the Tour des Yoles de la Martinique.

If you are on holiday in Martinique during the Tour des Yoles, we strongly advise you to take part in one of the stages in order to discover this traditional event of the island as well as the Martinican heritage and know-how.

Want to try it?

Initiation courses in traditional sailing are offered throughout the island. With family or friends, this is an opportunity to discover an original nautical activity that exists nowhere else! Count on about 40€ per person, for a morning of learning and laughter guaranteed.

How does it work?

Originally, the yole was a boat used by sailors for transport or fishing. The boat is made of solid wood, very tapered to ensure good speed and has two large sails. In order to prevent the yole from capsizing with the force of the wind and to keep moving forward, the men balance on the “bwa dressés” (long stick of wood at each side of the boat), and it forms a superb ballet of sails!

International acknowledgement

Since December 2020, “the yole of Martinique, from its construction to its navigation practices, a model for safeguarding heritage” is recognized and registered as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO!

Stages of the 2022 Tour:

Sunday 31 July :
Prologue: Vauclin – Vauclin

Monday 1 August :
1st stage: Vauclin – Robert

Tuesday 2 August :
2nd stage: Robert – Trinité

Wednesday 3 August :
3rd stage: Trinité – Saint-Pierre

Thursday 4 August :
4th stage: Saint-Pierre – Fort-de-France

Friday 5 August :
5th stage: Fort-de-France – Diamant

Saturday 6 August :
6th stage Diamant – Rivière-Pilote

Sunday 7 August :
7th stage: Rivière-Pilote – François

Which villa to choose on villasmartinique to watch the Tour des Yoles?

Dans notre résidence Palm Villas, nous vous conseillons la villa Majestic pour un séjour tout en douceur face à la mer dans la baie du Vauclin:

For the Diamond stage, make yourself comfortable at Eden Roc villas with all your friends, and enjoy your infinity pool to watch the tour while staying cool!

To follow the Tour des Yoles live, click here:

Yoles Martinique – YouTube

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