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The European Heritage Days are an opportunity to discover places steeped in history. They took place on September 15 and 16 in Martinique. On this occasion, Palm Villas had the chance to visit the A1710 Rhumerie and it was a wonderful discovery that we want to share with you.

The A1710 Rhumerie: organic fields

A cane plot without fertilizer or pesticide allows the production of organic rum. Two different canes, one blue, stronger, the other red, more fragile.

To overcome the lack of pesticide, passionate workers therefore mulch the feet of sugar cane. And to fight the rats, they decided to integrate cats to the plantation, what a good idea!

Close to the cane fields is the only mill with 1 press. The opportunity to see bagasse evacuated from the first grinding.

There are 2 to 3 people in the fields, their typical day is as follows:

  • from 7h to 11h takes place the cup of sugar cane, by hand!
  • from 11h to 12h30 they are sent to the mill to be crushed (on average, they grind 1.8 ton / hour)
  • at 12:30 the cane juice is put in the vats,


A1710 Rhumerie: fermentation and distillery

Mr. Yves Assier de Pompignan gives us during this visit, all the secrets of his work. The Rhumerie A1710 is without a doubt the smallest distillery in Martinique. Its particularity is that it produces rum all year round.

The cutting of sugar cane is done by hand, which reduces the oxidation that is present on the ends of the cane cut. It is then sent to the mill and then it is transported in a refrigerated tank for the fermentation stage.

Rhumerie A1710

The choice to have a temperature-controlled vat, allows them to exploit the tank to the maximum, to have a longer fermentation period (from 5 to 6 days) and therefore richer flavors.

Then comes the control of 4 essential points:

  • the density,
  • acidity
  • residual sugar,
  • the intensity of alcohol. 

Once fermented, the white rums are transferred to copper boilers for distillation. The use of this material is a thoughtful choice that will bring a different flavor to distilled wines.

Once the product is finished and after a few months of rest, it will be bottled directly at the A1710 distillery.

Mr. Yves Assier de Pompignan took the time to explain all the manufacturing processes, highlighting the family character of this distillery, but especially his passion for his island.

Rhumerie A1710


Rhumerie A1710: The cellar, the stages of aging and maturity

The range of very old rums from A1710 Rhumerie are elaborated in this former stable from agricultural white rums. Aging lasts from 8 to 17 years thanks to casks originating from the city of Cognac and the United States.

The winery has an ideal location, not only is the view beautiful, but the environment is perfect. The Vauclin mountain plays an important role; thanks to it, the winds do not return and it allows to maintain a temperature at 40 ° in the cellar. At nightfall, the earth breeze makes it possible to lower the temperature to 20 ° C.

Nathalie, the cellar master, shares her passion during the visit.

His strong point? His olfactory analysis.

Rhumerie A1710


We had a magical moment. The historical and cultural side was present from beginning to end. The people working on the site are all passionate about sharing their know – how and their love for rum.

We strongly advise you visit this distillery!

And you, during these cultural days, what did you visit ??


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