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Holidays in Martinique, what to put in my suitcase?

Holidays in Martinique

Holidays in Martinique

You’ve planned your vacation to Martinique, rented a luxury villa in Palm Villas and now you’re wondering what to pack?

Holidays in Martinique … a dream destination

Banish your sweaters, scarves and any warm clothes, because, you will have heard, the average temperature on the island of Martinique is 28 °! So choose your best light clothes and fly away !

However, so that you do not forget the essential things, we list you the essentials:

  • Driver’s license and national identity card (to rent a car)
  • A camera (and its charger),
  • Your most beautiful swimsuits,
  • Your taps but also closed shoes to go discover the most beautiful hikes,
  • Sun glasses,
  • A hat,
  • Pretty light dresses for your outings,
  • For the beach, a bag to put her sunscreen, her book, her sarong,
  • For after the beach, an after sun cream,
  • An anti-mosquito repellent, the best is still long and light clothes,
  • A guide on tourism in Martinique, although Palm Villas puts one at your disposal in your villa,


Advise before leaving:

  • If you are traveling in Martinique from December to March, take a light jacket for the evenings,
  • If you do not have a nice jersey or pareo, do not worry, you’ll find the one that suits you in Martinique,
  • Mosquitoes are present at sunset, around 18h, and love the edges of the beach,
  • Feel free to leave room in your suitcase to bring back memories and certainly rum and spices.

Now, all you have to do is count the days before your vacation in Martinique!

See you soon on our island!



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In the meantime and if you have any questions, leave us a comment, we will be happy to answer you 😉


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