Martinique in a few words

The island of Martinique is located in the Caribbean, in the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles. Nicknamed “island with flowers”, this island never ceases to surprise us by the beauty of its varied landscapes. Between lush nature in the North and white sand beach in the South, she manages to delight anyone who wishes to spend a dream vacation.

Martinique in a few figures

Country: France – Overseas Department (DOM)

Language: French and Creole

Currency: the Euro (€)

Population: 374,780 (in 2017)

Area: 1,128 km²

Time zone: UTC – 4h00

Telephone code: +596 (all fixed phones start with +596 596 xx xx xx and mobile phones by +596 696 xx xx xx)

Martinique: the climate

Average air temperature: 25 ° C

Average sea temperature: 28 ° C

There are two seasons in Martinique. The dry season called “Lent” from December to April / May, then the wintering season from June to November. It will always be hot in Martinique, only the rainfall will be different over these two seasons. During Lent, it will most likely be raining at times; it will be short, low intensity rainfall.



Martinique: the inevitable festivals

The island of Martinique is constantly punctuated by events. Martinicans love to party.

Events not to be missed if you are on the island at this time:

  • Carnival: Very popular, it is part of one of the most beautiful and original. It lasts 4 days from Sunday to Wednesday. This animation is worth the detour, do not hesitate to disguise according to the theme of the day and go parading and participate in the festive atmosphere!


  • Easter: The traditional Matoutou. The opportunity to taste and discover all possible variants to eat crabs. At Easter, Martinicans get together and camp with their families. Do not be surprised when you go on the beach and you will discover a lot of tents and campers.


  • Round Yoles Round: The sportiest event of the year that takes place over a week between the end of July and the beginning of August. Several teams compete to undertake the tour of Martinique in yoles. You will live magic moments so do not hesitate to go to one of the races during your holidays.


We wish you a wonderful discovery and a great holiday on our island ?

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